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Monthly Archives: January 2015

Room to Run

Last Sunday we moved Risky to a new pen/pasture at the same barn. Since the last month before Sawyer came until now, she’s been in her pen. It’s not a very big space, enough for her to move around, but really pretty cramped for an animal that was created to roam the land freely. She can be a royal pain to catch in the big pasture (30-40 acres), and she has been a little hard to keep weight on, so I have to be able to give her the extra feed she needs. I can’t get too far away from the baby to chase her down, and he gets super upset being stuck in the car. It’s been cold off and on, so wearing him is hard, because I don’t need him catching a chill.

I know why I penned her up.

Even knowing her need for extra food, and what my recovering body, and new baby, can handle, it has been hard to see her in that pen. She was stir crazy, even giving me a push at one point to let me know she wanted out the gate to go to the pasture. She would pace, and I could see the tracks she was wearing in the ground from pacing when I wasn’t there.

I spoke with the manager, and a couple of the ladies that board out there. Our facility is broken up into a variety of pens and pastures, and I knew that in one pasture the herd had been reduced by 2. Everyone agreed that Risky could move in over there, so we made the move.

She was one happy girl! She moved around the catch pen, and the horses came in. Lots of sniffing, and a little huffing at one another, and the only one upset to have a new companion was a pony mare. Risky just avoided her. Risky made her way toward the gate to her pasture, perked up her ears, raised her tail, and took off! She galloped across the pasture, stretching her legs, and enjoying the space her new freedom.

God created us all with a purpose, with dreams in our hearts, and things we like and dislike. When we try to fit in somewhere that doesn’t align with what God created us for, we go stir crazy…just like a horse confined to a space that is too small. Stretch your legs (expand your horizons!) and reach for what God has for you. The freedom and space you will find in Him is unlike anything this world has to offer.


Saturday Ramblings

It is Saturday, the first Saturday of 2015. One of my goals was to publish a blog post every Saturday. I didn’t write a post ahead of time, when I had topics galore stampeding through my mind. I waited until today.

Today, I have nothing. I have a blank space and nothing that feels worthy of wasting this space, or time.

So I am writing today just to put something out here. It has been an uneventful today – with the usual barn chores, cooking, cleaning (Ha! Who am I kidding? No cleaning took place here.) sports, and listening to the phone ring. Or waiting for it to ring. Or finding out it shut itself off and needs to be turned on. You know, whichever. Our life revolves around that little black phone.

Since I’m taking up a bit of time and space, I’ll share a recent highlight that made my day. Or my night, really.

We were heading to bed and I had Baby S in my arms. He’s a charming fellow, and he was looking up at me in that wide-eyed wonder – the kind that makes tired mommies feel heavenly. I smiled at him. He looked like he knew what was coming – nursing and bed time, such a wonderful combo! My dear husband said something and I chuckled. Baby S started giggling – the more he giggled, the more I giggled, the more he giggled. The two of us had a little fit of laughter together and in that moment, I felt like all was right with my world. I cling to those little moments that God gives me. Those moments make the ones where I’m tired, I feel frumpy & fat, and the day isn’t close to over, worth it.

Those little giggles. The smiles. The ear to ear grins. The talking a million miles an hour out of pure excitement moments. Those are what carry me through when these kids make me crazy. When I pray for strength, when I pray for rest, sometimes Jesus soothes my soul and I feel the weight lifted off my shoulder, but sometimes when I pray for those things, He tickles one of my littles and my eyes open to the blessings.

I pray you see your blessings for what they are – blessings, and that you have moments that ease and make the burdens worth bearing.

Another New Year!

It is almost 10pm (CST). In two hours we being a new year. This will be the 28th new year I have seen. (I don’t remember the early ones, just so we’re clear.)

In the last few years, I find myself feeling like today is a normal day. And then I wake up feeling like tomorrow is a normal day. And I cannot help but think, over and over on New Year’s Eve, that we feel like “this will be the year!” I’ve felt it before. I hear it all around me. This year I will _________________. I won’t let it get away from me. I won’t forget. I won’t slip. Whatever the ______________________ is, we focus on our strength/dedication/desire to make these goals happen, to achieve these dreams.

For several years it’s been heavy on my heart to deal with one day. I cannot make next year a good year. But I can make one day, a good day. I can read my bible, today. I can eat right, today. I can focus on parenting with purpose, today. I can empty the sink of dishes, today. I can workout, today. I can write, today. I can ride, today.

Tomorrow, well I don’t know what tomorrow holds. I don’t know what 365 tomorrows hold. I don’t have the strength for 365 tomorrows. I haven’t been given the grace for 365 tomorrows. But I have enough strength, and I’ve been given enough grace for today. I’ll let tomorrow worry about itself.

In this incredibly busy time in my life, I am reminded just how important it is to live in the here and now – to focus on today, and today only. It’s not always easy to not worry, but if I let too many days stack up on me, I drown in the fear. It paralyzes me.

And grace – I think we get the grace we need to pass out today. We get the grace for what we mess up today. But when I start taking too many days at a time, I don’t have enough grace for the mistakes the kids make, the words the husband says, the things that happen at work, etc. Because yesterday something hurt, and the day before something irritated me, and tomorrow something is going to make me sad, and today something was spilled. And all of that at one time is just too much. But if I just deal with today’s spill, and yesterday I dealt with that hurt, then tomorrow, I am fresh, and can receive from God what I need for that day.

And His grace for me is new every morning (Thank God, cause you and I both know I need it.)

So while you close one year and open a new one, remember, God didn’t ask you to take this year on head first. He just asked you to wake up and handle today. He is the one who holds yesterday, today, and tomorrow in hand, but that is not a task He shared with us. Today, that is what we were given, let’s make the most of each of our todays as we wake up to them. And let’s close them with grace and in peace each night as we lay our heads down.