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Don’t Steal the Smiles

Our newest addition, a sweet boy born at 4:37 am on the 23rd of October, is 2 weeks old today. I cannot believe that 2 weeks have passed us by already. I find myself wishing that the time would slow down just a little. We are on the go a lot these days, and if it weren’t for baby-wearing, my poor boy would be more bonded with a swing or playpen than me at this point.

I took for granted the down time I had when my first three babies were born. I didn’t think much of it – even finding small reasons to just get out of the house. A trip to Wal-Mart a week after the baby is born isn’t anything compared to spending most of the day at the office the day after he was born.

These early days are a strange mix of bliss and chaos. He’s here, really here, and I am holding him and breathing in his sweet scent. I’m also forgetting essentials, leaving home with diapers for his big sister but not him, having massive blow out diapers just after he spit up so that I smell wretched at all times. The first few nights I got very little sleep (although I have to admit, I’m thankful for the longer stretches he’s giving me now).

Stinky, sleepy, a little cranky, and completely in love with this little fellow, and I just ask that if you see us out and about, don’t steal the smiles.

“Aw, it’s just gas, but how cute.”

I think I’ve written about this before. I know it’s been a big deal to me since my first was born. Don’t rob me of the joy that one little newborn smile brings me. I’m not thrilled that I smell horrible, or that my hair is dirty. I forgot to pack myself a clean shirt, and I just wrapped my little bundle up in a size 5 diaper so I could grab something for dinner instead of just racing home. I feel inept because every day I’ve forgotten something, and I’m only thankful that I nurse him or I might find myself somewhere without a bottle or the formula for it. (But this time, nursing came with some awful pain that I’d never been through before, more on this in another post.)

I am beyond thankful for this sweet boy. I love him completely, and with each of my kids, I’ve been surprised by how much and how quickly I’ve loved them. And along the way, someone inevitably blames those priceless smiles on gas. While I don’t believe gas has anything to do with it, even if it is just gas, don’t steal it from me. Those smiles make the fog we’re walking through a little easier to deal with. They make the moment a little brighter, and they remind me that all the chaos is really worth it.


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I am a Jesus-girl, wife, mom, writer, sister, daughter, baker, cook, maid, teacher, business partner, farmer, and more. I am busy raising kids, and praying daily for them to be servants of Christ. I am the blessed wife of a very hard working man, together we own and operate our own business. We live on a small farm where we are learning more about sustainable living. We do our best to enjoy life, help others, and use the talents God gave us for His glory. Our goal is to teach our kids to do the same. I welcome all emails - you can reach me at - feel free to email me anytime, just be patient in waiting for my response!

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